The Duvalian-Hudsonite War was a war between Jennifer Hudson's followers and the Empire of Duvalia in response to the Hudsonite subjegation of Stovie Weems and the Cult of Kek. The war was fought using the Internet and Airsoft guns.

The Ultimatum Edit

The Empire of Duvalia sent an ultimatum to the Hudsonites to stop the oppression of the Cult of Kek and Stovie Weems. They refused, leading to the Duvalian-Hudsonite War.

Battle of D-Wing Edit

The Battle of the D-Wing began when the Royal Duvalian Defense Force fufilled the ultimatum and occupied Hudsonia and began the long battle for the D-Wing that lasted until the Battle for Dixon when the Duvalians were joined by the Afrikaans and Rhodesian Volunteer Guard

March to the A-Wing Edit

The Duvalians began a push to the other end of Providence and endured the long Siege at the Band Room, defeating Maerkel. The taking of the halls were mainly a short war of counterinsurgency that caused heavy casualties for the Hudsonites.