The Empire of Duvalia is a Micronation situated in the state of Florida in United States of America. Duvalia consists of the capital territory and one outside state. The micronation in total claims roughly 57.5 acres of land. Duvalia's motto is "Dieu et mon pays," or "God and my Country". The government of Duvalia is an Empire with a Legislative Chancellery meaning, the Emperor is held to the Constitution set forth by the Chancellery. Duvalia requests, but not forces, its citizens to volunteer for the Royal Duvalian Defense Force which acts as the National Militia. Citizens may also join the Royal Duvalian Expeditionary Force, which deals in out-of-state conflicts, or the Royal Duvalian Guard, which is in charge of protecting the Emperor. Duvalia is somewhat sustainable with numerous crops to feed it's citizens but, relies on imports from the United States and other countries for other foodstuffs, technology, and resources. The empire has no State Religion but, it is founded upon the principles of Christianity and the Scriptures of the Bible.

The Founding Edit

see: Principality of Duvalia